HI THERE -  We're wedding and lifestyle photographers based out of Cary, NC. We sat next to each other back in 7th grade and never would've expected to have been brought together seven years later in college. Our families are everything to us, so we love seeing other families grow and being able to share their adventures. We live for capturing relationships, milestones, and all of the moments in between. While Burleigh photographs newborns, seniors, families, and engagements, she and Brent together capture weddings throughout NC and are available for travel. Space is limited each year, so we'd love to hear from you! 


is the youngest of a family full of 'B' names, but the only one who will never find her name on a keychain

is a chocolate snob (having a designated "chocolate drawer" in your kitchen isn't weird, right?)

her coffee and tea intake is equally as extreme

has a deep love for elephants, painting and ceramics, the color green, disney movies, and the thrill of cleaning lint out of the dryer

shops way too much on Etsy


idolizes batman and is a huge comic book nerd

dreams of being a cowboy, moving out west, and living off the land

if the cowboy thing doesn't work out, he'd like to live on a boat and own a bar

requires the fridge to be stocked with juice boxes at all times

is incapable of showering without singing at the top of his lungs

Don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries!